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توبوليف تي يو - 16 ( بالإنجليزية: Tupolev Tu-16 )‏، هي قاذفة قنابل نفاثة ثنائية المحرك كانت تستخدم من قبل الاتحاد السوفيتي لمدة 50 عاما ولا تزال مستخدمة لدى القوات الجوية الصينية ولقد تم تصنيع قرابة 1509 طائرة من هذا النوع وصدرت لعدة دول كمصر وجورجيا والصين والعراق ودول أخرى. محتويات 1 المستخدمون 2 المواصفات 3 انظر أيضًا 4 مراجع 5 وصلات خارجي Tu-16 Walk-Around As finalized, the Tu-16 design was given an overall length of 114.1 feet with a wingspan of 108.2 feet and a height of 34 feet. Empty weight was 82,015lb against an MTOW of 174,165lb and power was provided for by 2 x Mikulin AM-3 M-500 turbojet engines outputting 21,000lb of thrust each Tu-16 BADGER (TUPOLEV) The Tu-16 was designed as an high-speed jet bomber for operations in theaters close to the Soviet Union. Intended to replace the propeller-driven TU-4, the greatest challenge during development was to doubling the speed to improve survivability in the face of enemy fighters At the time of its introduction, the Tu-16 was an incredibly impressive bomber, and one that became a mainstay of the Soviet's air force. Design And Development Of The Badger via The World Wars The Badger first flew in April 1952, but talk of the aircraft being created came much earlier than that

Tu-16 flying over USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63) 1963.jpeg 1,903 × 1,357; 785 KB. Tu-16 flying past USS Ticonderoge (CVS-14) in 1971.jpg 941 × 797; 395 KB. Tupolev Tu-16 above Soviet cruiser 1984.jpg 939 × 600; 367 KB. Tupolev Tu-16 flies over USS Hewitt (DD-966) c1978.jpg 878 × 498; 289 KB The Tu-16 was an all-metal aircraft, built mostly of aircraft aluminum. The Tupolev OKB had built the Tu-4, the Soviet copy of the US Boeing B-29 Superfortress, and the Tu-16's long, slender fuselage clearly reflected influence from that source A soviet jet bomber Tu-16 commanded by A.Pliyev crashed into the Norwegian Sea on May 25 1968 after a low pass by aircraftcarrier USS Essex. Notice the Tu-16.. Die Tupolew Tu-16 ( russisch Туполев Ту-16, NATO-Codename: Badger) war einer der ersten einsatzfähigen strahlgetriebenen Bomber und flog zum ersten Mal am 27. April 1952 als Prototyp Typ 88/1 (Projekt N). Sie war der zweite strategische Bomber der Sowjetunion. Die Tu-16 befindet sich als Xian H-6 in China bis heute im Einsatz

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  2. The Tupolev Tu-16 is a twin-engined strategic bomber developed by the Soviet Design Bureau OKB Tupolev. The maximum bomb load of the Tu-16 is 9.000 kg / 19.482 lbs. Crew 4 next aircraft - to top - Flugzeuginfo.net The web portal flugzeuginfo.net includes a comprehensive civil and military aircraft encyclopedia
  3. Tu-16 (ツポレフ16; ロシア語: Ту-16トゥー・シスナーッツァチ )は、 ソ連 の ツポレフ 設計局が開発した双発の 戦略爆撃機 である。 ソ連初のジェット 爆撃機 となった。 DoD が割り当てたコードネームは Type 39 。 NATOコードネーム は「バジャー」 (Badger: アナグマ の意)。 目次 1 概要 2 派生型 3 中華人民共和国での派生型 4 運用国 5 スペック 6 登場作品 7 参考文献 8 脚注 9 関連項目 概要 1940年代後半から開発開始され、 1952年 初飛行、 1954年 より実戦配備、同年メーデーで初めて飛行姿を公衆の面前に現した
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Tu-16 Tu-16 ( ros. Ту-16) - radziecki odrzutowy samolot bombowy, skonstruowany w latach 50. w biurze konstrukcyjnym Tupolewa, w kodzie NATO oznaczany jako Badger. Używany w wielu wariantach, w tym jako bombowiec strategiczny, bombowiec morski, samolot rozpoznawczy i walki radioelektronicznej The Tu-160 is a variable-geometry wing aircraft. The aircraft employs a fly-by-wire control system with a blended wing profile, and full-span slats are used on the leading edges, with double-slotted flaps on the trailing edges and cruciform tail. Titanium constitutes around 30% of the aircraft's 110 tonne empty weight, and the largest component (the swing wing hinge) weighs 6 tonnes The last of Iraq's Tu-16 fleet was destroyed during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, and Egypt's Badgers were retired by 2000. The primary user still operating the Tu-16 is the Chinese Air Force flying a series of progressively updated H-6 bombers license-built by Xian

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1963年飛越美國 小鷹號航空母艦 上的俄國Tu-16。 Tu-16轟炸機 ,也称为 图-16 ( 北約 代號 獾 Badger)是 蘇聯 圖波列夫設計局 在1950年代設計與生產的一款雙引擎噴气 战略轟炸機 ,第一架原型機於1952年4月試飛,當年12月開始生產,1954年進入前線空軍服役,同時正式授與Tu-16的軍方編號。 它的服役标志着苏联进入了喷气战略轰炸机时代 ,並外銷給多個國家。 它還被改裝成 圖-104 ,這是世界第二款投入使用的噴氣式客機,1990年代繼承的俄軍將其逐漸停用。 目录 1 開發歷史 2 用户 3 流行文化 4 參見 5 參考資料 6 外部連結 開發歷史 Tu-16是圖波列夫设计局 Tu-4轟炸機 (仿制美军 B-29 )的后继产品 Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube A Tu-16 ( NATO-kódja: Badger) a Szovjetunióban a Tupoljev tervezőiroda (OKB-156) által az 1950-es években kifejlesztett sugárhajtású bombázó repülőgép. A Szovjetunión kívül Egyiptom, Irak, Szíria és Indonézia is rendszeresítette

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Tupolev Tu-16 (v kóde NATO: Badger) bol sovietsky strategický bombardér zo začiatku 50. rokov 20. storočia. Vývoj. Prvý prototyp vzlietol 27. apríla 1952 a na svoju dobu moderný stroj sa začal sériovo vyrábať v roku 1954. A cup of white wine or grape juice Fruit with a hard shell and soft inside, like almonds or coconut A cup of wine or juice (mostly white, but with some red mixed in) Fruit with a pit in the centre,.. Tupolev Tu-16 ( Tên hiệu NATO: Badger) là một máy bay ném bom phản lực cận âm hai động cơ được Liên bang Xô viết sử dụng. Nó đã hoạt động hơn 50 năm, và với tên định danh Xian H-6, vẫn đang hoạt động trong Không quân Trung Quốc

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  2. Túpolev Tu-16. Tupolev Tu-16R Bagder E en vuelo. ) fue un bombardero estratégico birreactor usado por las Fuerzas Aéreas de la Unión Soviética. Ha volado por más de 50 años y permanece en servicio solamente la versión china construida bajo licencia Xian H-6 en la Fuerza Aérea del Ejército Popular de Liberación
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  5. The Tu-16 was designed as a high-speed jet bomber for operations in theaters close to the Soviet Union. Intended to replace the propeller-driven TU-4, the greatest design challenge faced during.

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Tupolev Tu-16 ( nama pengenalan NATO: Badger) adalah sebuah pesawat pengebom strategik berenjin kembar yang dibangunkan oleh Kesatuan Soviet. Ia digunakan lebih daripada 40 tahun, dengan versi buatan China Xian H-6 masih lagi dioperasikan oleh Angkatan Udara Tentera Pembebasan Rakyat Tupolev Tu-16. Tähän artikkeliin tai osioon ei ole merkitty lähteitä, joten tiedot kannattaa tarkistaa muista tietolähteistä. Voit lisätä artikkeliin tarkistettavissa olevia lähteitä ja merkitä ne ohjeen mukaan. Tupolev Tu-16 ( Nato-raportointinimi Badger) oli neuvostoliittolainen strateginen pommikone, joka tuli käyttöön 1950. A total of 36 aircraft were built, with only 16 currently in service in Russia. Tu-160 holds a total of 44 world records. Tu-160 strategic bomber. Tu-160 was designated as White Swan due to its manoeuvrability and anti-flash white finish. The purpose of the aircraft is the delivery of nuclear and conventional weapons deep in continental. Tupolev TU-16 Russian Air Force Геннадий Михеев ⭐️ Scala 1/72 Trumpeter&HobbyBoss Good evening! Friends, here is the legendary Tu-16. I am not a fan of military subjects, but the customer.. análisis. La manera de llamarnos a quienes estamos denunciando una sistemática vulneración de derechos de toda la ciudadanía es «negacionista». Ayer, en la entrevista que le realizaba al Juez José María Asencio, precisamente comentábamos esta cuestión: «negacionista» se llamaba al principio a los que negaban la existencia del virus

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Tu-16's werden vele malen omgebouwd voor latere, geavanceerdere raketten, waardoor hun typeaanduiding een aantal malen werd gewijzigd. Omdat de Tu-16 een veelzijdig ontwerp had, is hij ook verbouwd voor verschillende specialistische taken, zoals voor verkenning,. Toepolef Tu-16. Die Toepolef Tu-16 ( Navo verslagnaam: Badger) is 'n tweemotorige straalaangedrewe strategiese bomwerper wat deur die Sowjetunie gebruik is. Dit was vir meer as 60 jaar in diens en die Chinese weergawe wat onder lisensie vervaardig word, die Xian H-6, word nog steeds deur China gebruik チルホール TU-16 専用ワイヤ付 072TU16S20 コンドーテック. その他の作業用品. 【特長】 タテ・ヨコ・ナナメどの方向でも引っ張れる、ワイヤロープの長さに制限がない手動ドレスウインチです。. ワイヤロープはレバー操作1つで簡単にセットできます. The TU-22 bombers was intended to replace the TU-16, but due to its' poor performance it was deemed unsatisfactory. Carrying a similar payload to only a slightly greater range, the Tu-22 offered no real increase in capability. Its limited range was its main disadvantage, though the TU-22K only carried one missile whereas the TU-16 carried up to. Tupolev TU-16 Badger (ou изделие «Н»: produto «Н», codinome da OTAN: Badger «Барсук» em russo). [1] O Tupolev TU-16 (Badger) é um bombardeiro a jato da ex União Soviética.. História. O desenvolvimento dos primeiros bombardeiros a jato soviéticos dependiam inteiramente dos motores disponíveis

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Lee el horóscopo de Josie Diez Canseco para HOY, domingo 16 de enero, y conoce las mejores predicciones en torno al amor, la salud y el trabajo. Asimismo, descubre cuál es tu número de suerte. Horóscopos para este domingo 16 de enero 2022: Predicción diaria de tu Signo Zodiacal. ¿Quieres saber tu predicción del horóscopo de hoy sobre el amor, el trabajo, la salud y el dinero? Descubre lo que te deparan los astros en Por Esto! Horóscopos para este domingo 16 de enero 2021: Predicción diaria de tu Signo Zodiacal. Foto: Por Esto! Tupoljev Tu-16 (NATO oznaka: Badger) je bil podzvočni dvomotorni strateški bombnik, ki so ga zasnovali v biroju Tupoljev.V uporabi je bil več kot 50 let, Kitajska ga je licenčno gradila kot Xian H-6, ki je še vedno v uporabi. V poznih 1940ih je Sovjetska zveza zaostajala za ZDA na področju strateških bombnikov. Edini sovjetski bombnik z dolgim dosegom je bil Tu-4 'Bull', ki je popolna.


Tu-160 không phải là máy bay rải bom mà là một bệ phóng tên lửa hành trình chiến lược trên không, nó lớn hơn và bay nhanh hơn B-1 (vốn là một máy bay ném bom) khá nhiều tuy độ cao trần thấp hơn (16.000 m so với 18.000 m của B-1) Pulpito.__enojado (@tu_pana_pulpito._16) on TikTok | 1.6K Likes. 909 Fans. Seguiré haciendo clases gracias por los 800 vamos a los 900 Pulpito enojado Cigarette smoking causes cancer and early death. People on Medicaid are more likely to smoke, and smoking-related diseases are a major driver of Medicaid spending. Comprehensive Medicaid coverage of smoking cessation counseling and medications can help people on Medicaid quit smoking

Vào bệnh viện cướp, giang hồ Toàn 'đen' bị tuyên mức án 16 năm tù 10/01/22 15:09 GMT+7 15 liên quan Gốc Ngày 10-1, TAND tỉnh Đồng Nai đã tuyên phạt bị cáo Đặng Quang Toàn (40 tuổi, còn gọi là Toàn 'đen', quê Hải Phòng) 16 năm tù về tội cướp tài sản Tupoljev Tu-16 (NATO naziv Badger) bio je sovjetski dvomotorni strateški bombarder. Zahvaljujući Tu-16, Tupoljev je osigurao neosporno mjesto prvog i skoro jedinog isporučitelja bombardera sovjetskom ratnom zrakoplovstvu. Kineska kopija Xian H-6 se još uvijek nalazi u operativnoj uporabi u kineskom ratnom zrakoplovstvu

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(CT) - Ngày 24-1, Tòa án Nhân dân TP Cần Thơ xét xử sơ thẩm, tuyên phạt Nguyễn Bá Minh (sinh năm 1984, ngụ quận Bình Thủy) 16 năm tù tội giết người, 7 năm tù tội cướp tài sản, tổng hợp hình phạt là 23 năm tù Our Common agenda, the Report released by the Secretary General of the UN, António Guterres in September 2021, laid out the road map for the global agenda. Tu-16 Badger Specifications. Seven AM-23 23mm cannons in pairs with single in nose, plus 19,800 lb including free-fall weapons and ASMs. The Tu-95 was one of Russia's first effective jet bombers

Tupolev Tu-16 (NATO rapor adı: Badger), SSCB tarafından kullanılmış çift motorlu jet bombardıman uçağı. 50 yıldan uzun süre görev yaptı, günümüzde de lisanslı üretim modeli olan Xian H-6 ile Çin ordusunda hâlen görev yapmaktadır. Altı Gün Savaşı sırasında Mısır tarafından, çoğu savaşın ilk gününde yerden kalkamadan yok edilmesine karşın İsrail'e karşı. Tupolev Tu-16 ( NATO-kallenavn: «Badger») var et strategisk bombefly utviklet i Sovjetunionen og var i tjeneste fra 1954.Flyet ble senere utviklet til å fylle en rekke forskjellige roller, som for eksempel missilplattform og maritimt patruljefly.Tu-16 ble også produsert i Kina under betegnelsen Xian H-6.. De tidlige variantene av Tu-16 inkluderte bombeflyet Tu-16A, den maritime utgaven Tu. Tupolev Tu-16. Tupolev Tu-16 ( NATO: Badger) a fost un bombardier strategic bimotor cu reacție proiectat în URSS. Zboară de peste 50 de ani, acum în varianta as Xian H-6 la Forțele aeriene chineze. Acest articol despre un avion militar este un ciot. Puteți ajuta Wikipedia prin dezvoltarea lui Matthieu 16 15 Et vous, leur dit-il, qui dites-vous que je suis? 16 Simon Pierre répondit: Tu es le Christ, le Fils du Dieu vivant. 17 Jésus, reprenant la parole, lui dit: Tu es heureux, Simon, fils de Jonas; car ce ne sont pas la chair et le sang qui t'ont révélé cela, mais c'est mon Père qui est dans les cieux

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Chinese Aircraft - H-6 -- Tu-16 BADGER (TUPOLEV)Republic of China Air Force bomber Xian H-6 - Fuerza AereaSoviet aircraft interiors - Cold War - Britmodellerジョグジャ航空博物館 – Omong Kosong Lagi